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Fall Colors

When you are born, they give you a Birth Certificate.
When you die, they give you a Death Certificate.
I photograph to show that WE LIVED!

I saw this statement a few years ago and have found it to be the most fitting description of why photography has become such a passion for myself and everyone else. 
I started photography a couple years ago with a Nikon D3200.  At that time I was surprised at the ability of digital cameras.  In my youth I had an old Nikon while in the military that took great photos, but on an enlisted salary the ability to buy roll after roll of film was beyond my means. 
Now, with digital cameras and a pocket full of SD cards I'm able to jump back into photography with a passion that I had forgotten I had. 
I've since upgraded to a Nikon D7200 within the last year.  Since I work full time as a nurse in Mobile, Alabama.  But every chance I get I'm out on the beach, in the woods or staring at the sky composing a photograph.
Everyone ask what is my style?  What do you plan to concentrate on?  For me that is a difficult question to answer.  It's the sunsets and sunrises, the variety of birds and wildlife along the Gulf Coast, the challenge of the studio.  It's getting that perfect shot at the moment, no matter the event. It's Photography!
So I hope you enjoy my website and photos.  One thing is for sure.  You never know what I might experiment with shooting next.

Be Safe,


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